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im bored so here is a question

ok so combining slickness , comfort , scent and cost what would be your choices starting at the lowest cost and working your way up ?


George Bailey Fanboy
Lowest, Arko
Middle: Palmolive
Highest: Stirling

I've got some others I received as gifts/PIF's that I have high hopes for, and once I get around to trying them I am pretty confident in saying that my list is likely to grow.
Lowest - godrej 20 cents
Highest - valobra $30

Both get the job done. If the valobra is a 9/10 the godrej would score a 7, based on the variables you’ve listed.


I didnt know
Nivea cream.
CRS cream.
Wickham 1912.
Phoenix & Beau.
Tabac. Assuming scent isnt an issue.
Wholly Kaw.

All perform comparably for me and with only cost and scent varying.


Interesting question! (Especially as I am stuck home today.)

I will not use soaps that do not provide slick, comfortable shaves.

The next criterion is cost. For me, the most ’expensive’ soap is one that I do not use! After that, it comes down to cost/shave rather than cost/oz of soap. Looked at that way (or one could say ‘rationalized’), some ’expensive’ soaps (MdC for example) provide good value because they provide lots of shaves!

So, I am pretty much left with the scent criterion. This comes down to whether I want a soap with a more fleeting scent (Haslinger’s or MWF, for example) or one with a stronger scent (Fine, MdC or Tabac, for example). The choice often comes down to which side of the bed I wake up on!

OK, so I like what I like!! :a29: :a29:

Here is my list, for what it is worth:
La Toja
Cella (prefer the brick)
Haslinger (have all eight options, mostly their ‘tallow’)