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I'm Back

I suppose I really should have waited till tomorrow morning before posting (jet lagged already) having been away for nearly two weeks I had to log on straight away and see what I had missed. Before going I asked that no one post anthing interesting whilst I was gone, you couldn't even do that for me, could you?:mad: If I get RSI going through all these new posts it's on your collective head.
Nimbin was wonderful, and after spending the last ten days in a state of blissful oblivion, it is awful to come home and face the realities of life. I get my university results through quite soon and after that I start another year on the educational treadmill:frown:
For anyone planning a trip to NSW, I can heartily recommend Nimbin, don't be put off by it's reputation as an 'outlaw town' (technically it's a village) the locals couldn't be more welcoming. For anyone who has ever lamented the fact that the 60's are over and our side lost, Nimbin is a spiritual retreat.
Good to be back on B&B though.
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