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Discussion in 'The Brown Leaf' started by Argonaut, Dec 25, 2014.

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    At the generosity of my B&B friends. About a year ago I had made mention in an aftershave thread that my three teenage boys were pilfering my stash and beginning to shave. It was a just a simple sentence of a statement that was forgotten by me 5 minutes after I wrote it. A few days later a fellow long time B&B member in Switzerland asked if he could send a few items for my boys, to which I said "sure, why not?" A couple of weeks later this arrives...
    A few months ago I received notification from another member to be on the lookout for a package, kind of a "get well soon" gift from several members that I'm still not 100% sure who coordinated but I have a good idea. Probably the member that mailed the package. I was again flabbergasted.
    Last week I received notice from a member who has been more of a friend to me over the last 3 years than anyone I know in the real world or otherwise. I knew he was sending something that I didn't deserve, but I couldn't have imagined what was waiting for me.
    You see, when your somebody who's going through a major injury, and you've been used to being the provider of the family, it's easy to start feeling like you are mostly useless to the world because you can't do the things that people could always depend on you for. Compound that with the people that you thought were friends that no longer come around to see you now that you can't provide them with free plumbing, heating or air conditioner repairs. A guy could start to feel pretty worthless. Thankfully I am a member of Badger & Blade, where I have come to realize contain my true friends, and just genuinely thoughtfull people. It's not the magnitude of the gifts given really, it's the realization that there are people who think you worthy of such a sentiment. Regardless of whether you like they way the site is moderated, or if you hate the new BST, at the core of B&B are the members who find and make real friends here. I wouldn't recognize most of the fellows involved in these gifts if I met them in person, but that doesn't make the actions less tangible, if anything it makes them more so. No matter how frustrated I get with certain things that come with being a mod, or just from being a member, I never forget where my real friends reside. I want to thank all of you for making this forum what it is, I feel bad for the ones that don't, or won't "get it". To a certain member of hill folk, I want to thank you for truly making today a shockingly merry Christmas.
  2. I'm am constantly in awe of the caring, generosity and true meaning of brotherhood that exists here.
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    You can still throw a monkey wrench with the best of them.
  4. It's nice to see the guys who care about our group recognized for all they do.

    That's a awesome hit.
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    Bah, humbug, yinz bunch a do-gooders! :sneaky2:

    Just kidding, of course! Christmas is my favorite time of year! :santa:

    Sometimes the world just knows a good dude when it sees him, Jason. It is obvious where you fit. 2015 is your comeback year, there's no doubt! :thumbup1:

    Merry Christmas, everyone!
  6. I rarely post because I feel I have little to offer but I must say the generosity I've witnessed among the membership here is nothing short of astonishing. My waning faith in humanity is restored, little by little, when I come here.
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    Heck, don't be shy. Ed posts all the time and he doesn't know shinola!:laugh:
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    He isn't kidding.

    I have 17,144 posts and only five of those were germane.
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    Well, we mostly talk English here.
  10. We speak english, but most talk is bull.
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    Completely and truly astounding. The best part is that the members here are like that year round, not just during some "season of giving" and such.
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    Jason, i know exactly what you are saying. Like you, i always try to do the right thing for my family. Sometimes life seems to be more than we bargained for. You get tired of always being the strong guy- the rock that holds back the tide. Then, like what someone did for me and you, restores your sense of worth. We are humble guys, and may not totally understand it, but it happens.
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    This is great to see :001_smile
    I truly hope you recover soon Jason.
  16. Argonaut

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    To summarize...
    (Holy crap! I've been here for 4 years and finally figured out how to properly post a YouTube clip!!!)

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  17. Couldn't have happened to a better guy. Well done to those responsible.
  18. Thats really thoughful of the people to send all that stuff. It really does blow my mind how generous people are here, there are so many acts of kindness that I have read about and received from the great people here. Thats why I visit and post here so much, even if all my posts are bull :lol:
    Hope you get well soon also.
  19. That is great! Thanks for sharing Jason! This community is amazing
  20. Wow. That's an amazing, heartwarming story. Kudos to all the generous members of B&B. I hope that 2015 is a MUCH better year for you.

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