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I'm a dummy.threw out a Gillette NEW years ago

Shortly after I got my first DE safety razor, I was at a militaria show and say a DE safety razor for sale at a booth.
It was brass, OC, three piece, one of the teeth on the comb was bent, but otherwise was in great condition and, in a case, was $5, so I bought it on a whim. Never used it, until one day a few years ago, with the intent of shaving with it, I tried to bend back the bent tooth on the comb...it broke and, shrugging my shoulders, I threw out the razor and case I only paid $5 for.

After joining this forum and learning it was a Gillette NEW, I feel pretty stupid...
There are lots more of them around in all shapes and sizes.....

After joining this forum and learning it was a Gillette NEW, I feel pretty stupid...

A few years ago (well about 7...) I was offered a half crummy looking razor for free. I already had a razor to shave with. My razor was a German Merkur and the free offer was British. I fell for the car analogy (Austin vs Mercedes) so I proudly declined the offer although I had admitted to my wife that the razor was one sweet shaver when I had it on loan...

It was a British Aristocrat #16.

Last fall I was able to get hold of one of them in very good shape. I feel less stupid now but I am still easily the stupidest person with a membership on B&B. :redface:

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Don't feel bad. My grandfather left me his Gillette razor and a badger brush with an ivory handle in my early 20's. Not sure what model it was, but it was a TTO. They were in a box that went with me whenever I moved. One day, while purging for a move into a new house, I tossed them both, thinking I'd never use them anyway. Well, you can imagine how much I regret my short sighted and stupid actions on that day. I can't turn back the clock, but I still shake my head at the ignorance of my youth.

Thanks guys, I don't feel TOO bad anymore....still, would love to have that razor back to give it a whirl.
Don't feel bad. I tossed my Grandpa's old safety razors after when we were cleaning out my Grandma's house after she passed. It was about 6 years, before I discovered traditional shaving. My Dad asked if I wanted them and I said no because I assumed they were worthless compared to modern cartridge razors. Oops! Big mistake.
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