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I’m a bowl latherer (Timeless Bowl) and need a new brush, help!

Did we overwhelm the OP? He did respond once..... brushes are so subjective. I should add, when I started looking into brushes, it was a challenge for me. There are so many and the prices vary greatly. What one person or several people just rave about doesn't mean the new buyer will like them. I know I read lots of brush threads and also watched what was showing up in the various SOTD threads and I still made two mistakes. Thankfully, they were only $20 a piece.

So... for me, I'm taking the time to figure out who likes the same features in a brush that I do, then take their recommendations. That has worked out much better for me.

I guess the same could be said about most any of the products we use: razors, soaps/creams, brushes, blades... as you well know the list goes on and on. Over and over, we see someone try something and it just doesn't work for them, even though others just love the product.

It is funny to me.... I used to be content with my Gillette Fusion Power... and a can of goo. Don't get me wrong: I love wet shaving and I enjoy the hobby it provides. Ignorance can be bliss, however. I am getting to the point where I'm satisfied with what I have at the moment. But it took me 4 months to get there and that's only because so many of you contributed to my education.

So, I thank all of you who have given me advice this past 4 months. I got to cram or perhaps "condense" is a better word, dozens of years of experience you all have into my brain, one thread at a time.

Sorry for the long post. I hope the OP is still with us and is finding advice that assists him in his journey.
Nope, I ordered two Rudy brushes. One is a 24mm 2 band silvertip bulb which arrived. The second is a 24mm d01 fan 2 band silvertip. I was unfortunately somehow missing replies to this thread.

Thank you everyone for the advice!!!

I actually love the the Shavemac Knot. Now I’m wondering if a boar/badger would be a good option also.
Here are the 2 brushes. Blue is a 24mm Shavemac bulb (2 band badger) - great knot.

White is going to be a trick or a treat. It is a 24mm Shavemac D01 fan 2 band badger. The D01 is very stiff, looking over the specs and calling a friend in Germany who loves the D01 convinced me to try both. I will know soon, but I also love a cheap Omega Boar hair so… I’m in for a ride. Thank you everyone and @Rudy Vey!


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