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Ikon Slants Question

what is the difference between the Ikon X1 slant and B1 slants? Is it the same head geometry but the B1 is just coated? Or is it different head geometry? Thanks!
If memory serves, the B1 is a stainless steel iKon, and the X1 is a Shavecraft with an aluminum head.
Makes sense thanks. That would also explain the price difference. Do you have experience with the B1? If so, curious to get your impressions on it. Thanks!
Pretty sure the Ikon/(Shavecraft slant is the X3 and not X1, as I own one. It is in fact a coated Aluminum and not Stainless, like most of the Shavecraft razors. The X3 is a VERY smooth razor, and you barely can feel the blade, yet reasonably efficient, just don't expect Timeless 95 OC, R41, or RR Jaws efficiency. I'm not really a slant person, although I keep trying, and for my face the X3 is better than the Fatip OC Slant (Lo Sorto or something like that), and so much smoother and easier to use than the PAA Filament OC Slant. BBS is achievable in 3-Passes, with some touch-up with my mostly gray, stiff, and coarse growth.

The other slant they offered was a tilted head, as opposed to torqued/twisted blade model 102, which is WAAAAY too mild, with a very narrow gap, that clogged easily. I had to stop and clear the channel on the 102 with nearly every stroke, and sold if off after a couple of shaves.

There is a stainless X1 slant made by Above the Tie, which you may be confusing with the Ikon/Shavecraft offering.
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