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iKon S3S v Tradere SB

What do you gentlemen think about those? How do they compare?
I own both, in fact, I own more than one of each of these two manufacturers, and as much as I admire Ikon, nothing matches the Tradere's for superior, artisan-grade, build quality, and shave characteristics. The Tradere SB is probably my all-around favorite razor. The smoothest shaver I've ever used. A Tradere SB loaded with a 7 o'clock Black cannot be beat IMHO. The OC 2nd gen is right there with it and probably would also be ahead of the Ikons.
I have had an S3S and Tradere OC. I've since sold both.

They are both very well made CNC machined head razors.

Very tight tolerances.

Either one could easily be a one razor in a lifetime razor, they are built that well.

The only reason I sold mine was I had way too many high end razors so I put them all up for sale and let the chips fall where they may. I am now down to just a handful of high end razors, any one of which would last me several lifetimes