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iKon B1 Slant Short Review (vs Maggard Slant)

Just got a new iKon B1 Slant razor with an oss handle on black friday and my experience has been pretty good, used a muhle synthetic silvertip and pre de provence 63 soap and a feather blade. Only did wtg and xtg, and the experience has been a bit better than the maggard slant. I feel the blade more in the iKon razor, but it feels more efficient and controlled than the maggard, the blade also needed no manual adjustment. I always had to nudge the blade in the maggard until it was straight and was not aware this razor was not the same, see post here: iKon b1 Slant Alignment Issue - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/ikon-b1-slant-alignment-issue.633616/

The coating feels pretty similar to the maggard but looks better in my opinion. The whole razor itself also seems much better constructed, I decided to upgrade after the maggard threads stripped twice over four years and I had to purchase replacements; it was because I dropped the razor, however. The OSS handle also feels better made than the maggard handle, and is MUCH heavier (used the mr7 before). It feels a bit too heavy almost but I can see myself getting used to it.


Looks great with the muhle stand
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