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iKon B1 Deluxe and Gillette NEW Deluxe

I was reading a discussion regarding the different vintage Gillette razor models and it came to my attention that a lot of people are regarding the Deluxe model as one the better shavers that Gillette made. Since it's one of the ''few'' non ultra rare Gillette models that I haven't tried yet, it cought my attention and I asked a few questions about it and a few people told me that if I really want to get one of those, I can just buy the iKon B1 open comb version, which an exact copy of the Gillette NEW Deluxe, but it's made out of stailess steel and it has some black coationg on it.

So basically a cheaper, more durable and much easier to find alternative that offers pretty much the same shave for those who are not insisting on having the vintage one that much (like me).

After looking around the internet for that particular iKon model, I saw that some websites offer only the head, which is even better, since I have a couple of great and lonely stainless steel handles that can do the job perfectly instead of adding yet another handle to my collection. But then I saw that I can buy the baseplate and the top cap separately and I got that crazy idea that I can just buy the baseplate only.

So I was wondering if the top cap of the 3 piece versions of the Gillette NEW Deluxe models are basically using the standart top cap of the NEW LC and also, if the dementions of both Gillette Deluxe and iKon B1 are 100% exactly the same, wouldn't be possible to use the top cap of my Gillette NEW LC on the iKon baseplate and pull yet another of my ''200IQ'' cheapskate schemes to work yet again and get an even better deal?

But before I pull the trigger on the baseplate and later find out that it's not completely interchangeable with the NEW LC top cap or that the top cap of the LC is slightly different than the top cap of the NEW Deluxe, I have to ask these questions first before I made myself a complete bafoon and force myself to buy a iKon B1 top cap as well.

So my questions to those who have (or had) both razors are - is the NEW Deluxe top cap the same as the NEW LC and is the IKon version an absolute 1:1 copy of the Deluxe and will the top cap of a Deluxe/LC fit perfectly?
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