IHOP changes it's name to IHOb ;-)

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    Guess what[​IMG] IHOP just changed their name to IHOb to promote their new Burger line-up. Burger Neon Image.jpg

    Ben Tobin - USA Today - 11 June 2018

    [​IMG] "Have you ever imagined ordering a burger with a side of pancakes[​IMG] IHOb has.

    On Monday, the former IHOP announced that it was changing its name to IHOb, with the “b” denoting burgers. The change is not permanent, a company spokeswoman said, but rather is a move to promote its new burger line.

    Known for its pancakes, the newly dubbed IHOb Ultimate Steakburgers as part of its rebranding effort – all the while keeping its breakfast items on the menu.

    Though the company has been offering burgers since its creation in 1958, IHOb's main motive for revamping the menu item and emphasizing it is to attract a wider audience, according to Chief Marketing Officer Brad Haley.

    “The big opportunity for the IHOb brand is to develop our lunch and dinner business,” Haley said. “Burgers are the most consumed entree item for men, women and children in America," he continued, adding "it made sense to start with burgers.”


    At the start of last week, IHOP hinted at changing its name in a tweet, flipping the “P” to a “b.” This generated a lot of social media buzz, as Twitter users guessed at the meaning behind the new letter.

    While some people doubted the change would go through, IHOb doubled down late last week: The company both changed its Twitter handle and propped up signs with the new logo".

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    IHOb.jpg "Cone hungry. Leave Happy". IHOb Slogan
  1. I always thought the gem on their menu was their crepes. Well, at the decent ones anyway (some of them are awful).

    It it were up to me they would've changed to IHOC.

    I also like the flavored syrups they have on the table.
  2. IHOBacon would've been better
  3. Mick

    Mick Contributor

    Waiting for Der Wienerschitzl to change its name to Der Pancake Schnitzel.

  4. If they start offering BBQ, it could be IHOg!
  5. F3A821CF-2F39-447F-A607-181C5D0900C1.jpeg 86CED078-D489-4031-B9BD-B1DC5FF53C68.jpeg There is just something about a restaurant with a logo very similar to that of a hygiene product which does not kick start my appetite.
  6. Toothpick

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    I read yesterday that Wendy’s trolled them on twitter. Something like “who would want it eat at a restaurant that can’t even get pancakes right?” Haha
  7. Toothpick

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  8. DoctorShavegood

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    I'm not a fast food person and would certainly not step foot in a iHop(b) or whatever they're calling themselves. Changing the name of a restaurant doesn't change the quality. I like to stick to local family owned places and never have to worry about the beef being grown in a lab.
  9. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    If they started only serving a burger patty between two pancakes then I could see it.

    That name change is just as silly as a floppy pancake on the Three Stooges heads.

    No one respects tradition anymore.

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  10. Historical accuracy
  11. I tell you all what I told everyone else. Theres one Ihop (Ihob) in my area. Its across the street from a Burgatory. Guess where Im going for a burger?
  12. To me, they will always be IHOP as in "IHOP(E) my dining experience is going to be better than the last time I was here" I doubt that this re-branding will affect our local restaurant. The service is consistently bad, the pop/soda is always slightly sweetened carbonated water and the food, more often than not, is just average. Why go to IHOP when Denny's and Perkins exist?
  13. Why go to any fast food chain or any other restaurant chain for that matter?

  14. Can't tell if serious or not, but if serious, I will take a stab: convenience, predictability if you are on the road, known menu options if in an unfamiliar area, and lack of other options in certain areas. Believe it or not, in some more rural and impoverished areas, there is nothing else to eat out except chains and fast food.
  15. Serious. It's an endless quest to try new, different and local the same as in our own cooking and i'm never going to get that visiting chain restaurants, not to mention the far superiority of the food. In a jam, as a last resort and with great reluctance i'll bite but better off finding a grocery store if i need to eat while in a no man's land. I spend most of my time between here and Toronto and if i want to eat out, the indy and cultural options for a restaurant are pretty extensive and for every budget.

  16. Or another way to say it, I'm not going to leave the house to go for a meal at a chain restaurant, that just doesn't make any sense whatsoever.
  17. For your personal situation, that is understandable given your location. Others in other places have far less options.
  18. EE0981AF-6B11-48BC-ABC0-453A3F38D3A8.jpeg
  19. Sad that our IHOP STINKS!

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