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if you had to choose one de blade for the rest of your life, which one would it be?


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Well, I've sort of answered this hypothetical, I guess because I'm maybe halfway through a batch of 800 Gillette 7 O'Clock blacks I got from India several years ago. I still play with soaps/creams and aftershave products, but I have not played around with blades in years. The blacks work just great in my Merkur 34C HD, and I have not had any desire to try any other blades. Tried every blade there was around 5-6 years ago, and then lost interest in them.

All my packs are the 7-for-5 variety, I guess those are gone now?
Astra SP for me. I haven't done the super-extensive testing of some here, but I've gone through a dozen or more of the better regarded blades, and Astra gives me the combo of sharp, smooth, and long-lasting that makes them a clear winner.
Cheap is a bonus.
This is a tough question to answer. My favorite blade is Polsilver. Since they are no longer available, I've been on a hunt for a replacement once my 200 are gone. So far, of the blades I've tried I would say that Gillette 7 O'clock Super Platinum comes the closest in performance....sharp, smooth, and comfortable. I tried the Wizamet but don't find them as good as the Polsilver. The Wiz is not as smooth and it's very noticeable to me.

I own and have tried many excellent blades (and could probably be happy with any of these): Astra SP, Wilkinson Sword (German), Lord Platinum, Rapira Swedish Super Steel, Nacet, GSB, Personna Med Prep, and Bolzano to name my top performers.
For me it would be a toss up between Nacet and Polsilver ( unfortunately Polsilver's are harder to find and have a steep price)
I recently stocked up on the Nacets as I had good results from those in the past. The last time I was able to purchase the Polsilvers was in February 2019 from Razorbladesclub. I was able to get 100 blades at that time for like $24.99. Even though I have about 95 of the Polsilvers left, I'm kicking myself now since I didn't stock up on them even more in 2018 or 2019. Even if I had purchased 200 blades a month back then, that would've been a great investment and I would've been set for life. I'm sure I would've been able to make a profit off of them if I had stocked up on them early on.

I did purchase some of the Wizamat Super Iridiums recently, but I haven't tried those yet. I hope they are on par with the Polsilver blades.

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I could not stick with one! For me it would be my ‘top tier‘ in no particular order:
Astra SP
Personna lab
Personna red
How do the Personna Lab Blues compare in sharpness to the Personna Reds. Are the lab blues smoother?

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I love Nacet as well but used a King C Gillette that came with the new 3-piece razor and got two weeks worth of smooth, sharp, comfortable shaves. Very impressive.
I’vejust started down the rabbit hole. So far I’ve only tried the Feather and Wizamet SIs. Very impressed with both blades, and could see myself sticking to one of them indefinitely. I have 7 O’Clock yellows, Voskhod, and Nacets on order, and may order some Treets as well. My idea is to find a favorite, or maybe two, then lay in a stockpile. Since I’m well into my sixties, Idon’t figure it will be too big a stockpile.😀 Beating the inevitable price increase would be a bonus too. Planning to corrupt my nephew, so any excess won’t necessarily go to waste.
hello again people, so i absolutely love gillette nacet i find that theyre sharp yet very smooth...

for me personally i have a limited experience of trying blades even though ive got a sampler pack from the razor blade club,
i've yet to try a single one from it because everrytime i go to shvae my head i just cant help but pick up a gillette nacet instead

so yea it just made me think about this question and i thouhgt i'd ask you guys because some of you have experience of using a lot of different de blades

so anyways if you had to choose one de blade for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
Right now I will say KAI. Almost as sharp as Feather but the first use of one is smoother. However, my opinion has changed and will likely change again.
Close call between the Gillette - SB, Nacet, Perma-Sharp and Rubie - given the shared characteristics, though should I choose just one blade... Unquestionably Rubie !
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