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if you had to choose one de blade for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

Just one razor blade? I hope it never chips or rusts! 😉

But of the razor blades I've tried so far, my favorite is the LOI Titanium Salon blades. But I also really Like Lord Platinums and Lord Super Chromes. A lifetime supply of any of those blades would be fine.
not tried this blade LOI stands for what mate?
I'd have to go with feathers..I've got pretty sensitive skin as i found out when i tried proraso green instead of the white lol bump city!!same with blades,when i try different ones i get more bumps...anyways lol feather for sure😎
yea when i first started in the wet shaving game all ivd hear about is how sharp the feather is but you dont hear often how its not the most smoothest though imo
This is a tricky one as I like different blades in different razors! I'd probably go for an Israeli Red or a Vikings Sword (possibly the same blade, how knows with Personna!), sharp enough for mild razors, smooth enough and not too sharp for more aggressive razors.

But I have 73 blades still to try in my den so that choice could change at any point in the future!
yea ive also got loads of blades to try out, at least we're blessed with more then less lol
Have tried over 50 different brands
and models of DE blades.
Nacet for me is the blade for life.

Sharp,rigid ,durable ,smooth.
Nothing more to ask ,really.
i really appreciate posts like this because your experience speaks volumes for someone like me who hasnt trie dout that many different brand de blades
I would quit this forum and unfollow you rather than choose one blade ;)

If I were to answer - most probably the Gillette 7OC Super platinum black. Sharp blade and I am biased as its available cheap to me locally!

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never tried them but the local asian barbers always use the yellow gillette 7 o clocks
This thread is one of many reasons to love B&B. Years ago, I purchased enough Astra SPs to last a lifetime. Why mess with success when I finally found a 7-cent blade could give routine great shaves? More recently, after upgrading razors, I also upgraded blades in bulk and found shaving nirvana.

The trip down the rabbit hole has been fun. It’s kinda hard to justify buying more blades, but there’s so many I haven’t tried. Thanks to the comments above, 100-packs of Nacent and GSB blades now sit in my online cart.
yea astra sp's are really nice blades not the smoothest but sharp enough to cut thick and coarse hair with ease

just get a big sampler pack with all the blades, thats what i did
I can narrow it down to two, The Personna Platinum Chrome Reds (Israel) and the Wizamet SI. I love them both and I keep going back and forth trying to figure out my absolute favorite. I guess either would work if I had to choose just one. I prefer the packaging for the Personna Reds in UK packaging. Each tuck of ten is wrapped in cellophane to provide long lasting protection from moisture and the plastic tuck provides protection from physical damage as well as it has a slot in the back for used blades so it has a built in used blade bank.
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