If you could only own one DE safety razor....

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Distorted Vision, Aug 16, 2017.

    Razorock Baby Smooth, I can shave quickly and carelessly and still ends up great
  1. Rockwell 6s and a few 100 packs of 7 O'clock Yellows, and I'm ready to go to the desert island for life.

    I have a Slim on the way! Should be arriving in the mail today. Glad to hear it is competitive with the 6s. I can't wait to try it out.

    I absolutely agree with this. The Variant adjusts from 1 - "rivulets of blood" to 5 - "nuclear attack". I so wanted to love my Variant but I just cannot get past its relentless, remorseless aggression. I'm going to sell mine and maybe buy a gilloutine or something else that's easier on the neck than the Variant.
  2. Awesome. I think you'll like it. It is so easy to switch gears, and it has a very mild lower level.

    That said, I went all in with my first and only shave: 5 WTG, 7 XTG, 3 ATG then a 5 ATG. It was an easy, BBS shave. I felt a tiny bit of discomfort afterwards, so next time I'll probably dial down the 7 to another 5 and see what I get.
  3. To me, it's the Raw RS-10. It's a pity Avi has been out of business before the entire shaving community could have enjoyed it.
  4. His business partners were smart in getting out while they did otherwise they'd have lost the entire investment they made. The razor sold nowhere near what it should've but the over inflated price for a 1st time razor maker put the nail in that coffin!! A shame really!! Although a very small portion of the community still wouldn't have bought one even if they were still in business as the razor went stagnant and hence the decision for the investors to cut and run...
  5. Blackland blackbird
    open comb
    short handle
  6. Numerous razors to consider, modern & vintage. But the winner in my book is the Gillette New DeLuxe. It's the smoothest, most efficient razor I have shaved with. A joy to use, & very little touch up to achieve an excellent shave. Others are close behind, but I won't list them because the OP said not to.
  7. Possibly, still a razor praised for its performance that is sold at a premium already (no matter how expensive it was).
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    In looking at my collection of a couple of dozen razors (both de and shavettes), and as many different blades, I have arrived with certainty at my desert island combo: a pre 2017 Fatip Piccolo razor and Dorco Prime Platinum STP-301 blades. Luckily, the Fatip I own, and it's spare, don't have the alignment issues that folks complain about. I do know that I consistently and easily get 3 pass BBS shaves. So close that I can skip the next day or two like I do when I use my Feather Artist Club DX. For anyone who favors a razor on the more aggressive side, they are worth looking up and I prefer them to the post 2017 Fatip Piccolo I own. Luckily they can still be had and are relatively cheap, and looking at the history of this thread, I can see I was not alone. As for the blades, I just find myself using those Dorco Prime's with everything at this point...

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    Probably my NEW DE LUXE!

  10. When this thread started some years back, my answer was a Gillette #77 RFB. Still is.
  11. Super 109. Best all-around razor I have used. Adjustable, great audio feedback, and I like the balance point of it.
  12. My Merkur 34HD.

    It was my first DE and I gradually expanded my rotation until I had two Razorbacks, a Cadet, a Parker travel razor and a Micro Touch.

    The Merkur is currently my only razor. The others have all been given away.
  13. Timeless Bronze .38 SB
    because it shaves comfortably and efficient enough for my daily shaves, without irritation.
    It has a descent amount of blade feel, which I like, and still smooth.
    And it has no blade alignment issues.
  14. Fatip OC
  15. I've used quite a few, but I'd have to give the vote to my Gillette ball-end Tech. It's simple, plain, even common, but it just works, day in and day out, whether I use soap/cream with a brush, brushless cream, canned foam, or shaving oil. Skip a day or two or shave every day, it doesn't matter. Gillette got it right with that design.
  16. I dunno. A Wolfman I guess is the easy answer lol, but I’ve never used one. Plus, it looks like their prices just went up again.

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  17. I’m thinking my Karve CB. I’m having some great shaves with this razor.
  18. Made in England Wilkinson Sticky Razor from circa 1968-1972.

    This razor is a Twist To Open (TTO) which I think are neat. It also gives me superb BBBS every single time!

    I actually am in the process of selling off my other razors...it is THE razor for my face and neck!


  19. Current obsession is a Timeless 95SB on a Maggard’s MR3 handle. Unprecedented level of control on this razor.

    My wife just told me I’ve never been so smooth.

    She’s rarely sworn the entire time I’ve known her, just finished shaving and asked what she thought. She busted out like a sailor talking about how good my face felt. I was kind of surprised lol

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