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If you could only have one it would be _______

If you could only use one product for the rest of your days it would be:
Razor: Gillette Aristocrat
Blades: Astra Super Stainless
Soap/Cream: TOBS Mr Taylor
AS: Old Spice Fresh
Cologne: Acqua Di Gio

Feel free to add any other categories
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6'2", 135? That's a little lean and willowy for my taste. And those Med models tend to run a touch too hot for me. Fun for a quick dash, but too much maintenance long term.

I'll take a 5'6", 135 green eyed, red headed, brown/brown, or blue/blonde type with her own membership to a cross-fit gym in place.

Y'all did beat me to that punch though.
Razor: Gillette Flare Tip Superspeed - I have slim adjustables, techs, EJ DE89, but this thing shaves like a dream, I swear I could be in a coma and get BBS with this.
Soap/Cream: Mystic Waters - Sage & Cedar
AS: Toughy here; I'm thinking Clubman, give me a second choice and I'd do Special Reservewith it
All skin and bones no thank you. An additional 25 lbs would be just about right.

I forgot to mention she is an Olympic beach volleyball player and she can wield a Schick adj injector like an artist using Spanish Fig and Nutmeg for soap and has an aura of Bulgarian rose.
Okay, back to the original question:

Razor - Gillette FatBoy
Blade - Feather
Pre-shave - Proraso Pre-shave
Soap - Col. Conk Bay Rum
Cream - TOBS Shaving Shop
Post Shave - Geo F Trumper Sandalwood skin food
AS - "Original" Shulton Old Spice
Cologne - C&E Sandalwood
Brush - Kent BLK 8
Razor: Gillette British NEW Richwood
Blade: Polsilver SI
Soap: Tabac shave stick
Cream: Palmolive
Brush: Rooney Heritage Emillion 2
ASB: Nivea Sensitive
AS / Cologne: None!

Just typing this makes me want to shave. I could do some real damage on a daily basis to my whiskers with this set up. Even so, variety is the spice of life. Monogamy is for marriage, not shaving!
Razor: Gillette fatboy executive
Soap: Panna crema
Brush: the one I have has been amazing, rudy vey custom with a TGN 28mm 2band finest XH (Chubby 2 two band inbound)
Blade: Personna Red
ASB: With what I use above I actually dont need one, the soap actually makes my face feel great. but if I had to pick it would be the Calvin Klein Euphoria aftershave balm....extremely underated.

This is my setup and I think I have found the holy grail for me with this. I have lost all AD since acquiring these items
I guess If I had only one for the rest of my days I would chose a Sheffield 6/8 hollow ground and be forced to get better and throw the DE crutches away.:tongue_sm
Razor - Gillette FatBoy
Blade - Blue Labs
Pre-shave -
Soap - DR Harris Windsor
Cream - TOBS Shaving Shop
Post Shave - Ice Pick
AS - Irisch Moos
Cologne - TOBS Shaving Shop
Brush - Simpson D2

This will change tomorrow of course :blush:


Unacceptably Lasering Chicken Giblets?
Razor: Merkur Slant (37c)
Blade: Astra SP
Brush: Simpson Eagle
Soap: Stirling Lavender Sage
AS: raw, unrefined, organic shea butter
Razor: 1930s Gillette long comb NEW with fat Tech handle.

Brush: Edwin Jagger best badger in ivory.

Mug: 1960s Old Spice low side pottery glass.

Blade: American Personna.

Soap: Vintage Old Spice.

Aftershave: Alum block followed by Clubman.
Razor: Something adjustable, probably my Gillette Super Adjustable.
Blade: Tough choice. Probably Feather.
Brush: I've got another 50 odd years' shaving to do (hopefully!) and a natural brush won't last that long. Muhle Silvertip Fibre.
Pre-shave: Don't normally use one but I'd make sure I had a tub just in case. Proraso white pre/post.
Soap/Cream: Something mild. If I've got to use it for the rest of my days I don't want anything overpowering. And kind to my skin, too. Proraso white.
Aftershave: Ditto. either Speick or Proraso AS. I think Proraso, just because it makes my skin feel nicer.
Razor: Rocket HD
Blade: Perma-Sharp
Brush: Heritage Rooney
Pre-shave: Proraso white pre/post
Soap: TOBS Mr. Taylors
Aftershave: Adidas Pulse
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