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If you could only have 3????

Fairly new to wet shaving and I made the mistake of buying several different soaps without the matching aftershave splashes. So I'm trying to buy some aftershave that goes with several different soaps.

I do have some Acqua Velva and Clubman splashes.

Tell me your favorite
1) Barbershop
2) Sandalwood
3) Free category
4) Aftershave balm
I keep a large stock of soaps and a small stock of aftershave.

In order of how often I use them:
1) home made unscented splash with menthol
2) Lucky Tiger, with menthol added
3) Nivea Sensitive balm

Honorable mention goes to Floid Vigoroso
I’m still a relative newby as well - I’ve tried about maybe a dozen aftershaves via Maggard samples and full size purchases. Judging by how often I reach for the bottle/compliments I get on the scent:

1) Fine American Blend. This one is the hands-down favorite judging by family/coworker reaction.
2) Not quite there on sandalwood yet
3) Barrister & Mann Cologne Russe.
I’d also give Floid Vigoroso an honorable mention. That’s the first sample I finished and I might go for a full bottle of the aftershave or maybe the balm version.

Balm: Of the ones I’ve tried so far. Nivea Sensitive without a doubt.
1) Chiseled Face Ghost Town Barber
2) Not a fan
3) Cold River Soap Works Olfactory Hue
4) Captain’s Choice Bay Rum
1. Fine American Blend
2. Proraso Red
3. 4711 AS
4. Captain's Choice Bay Rum Balm

I don't think matching scents from soap to AS is that important. I enjoy the scents of soaps and creams but I find that they very rarely linger after the shave. Ergo, I'm left with a blank palette.
I do it sometimes just for the fun of it.
Tell me your favorite
1) Barbershop
2) Sandalwood
3) Free category
4) Aftershave balm
1) Razorock American Barber
2) LEA Classic
3) Pre de Provence original balm (bergamot & thyme)
4) Proraso White balm

Don't forget the witch hazel. I use a blend of plain Dickinson Witch Hazel toner & Robert's Rose Water.


Here are my choices this AM! (Things may well change tomorrow.)

1) Barbershop: Pinaud clubman
2) Sandalwood: Fine santal absoslut
3) Free category: Pitralon classic
4) Aftershave balm: don’t use them

1) Barbershop - Floid Blue or Vig
2) Sandalwood - not a huge fan of sandalwood, so probably something that includes it as part of the scent blend like Dr Jon’s Propaganda
3) Free category - Ariana & Evans Asian Plum
4) Aftershave balm - Queen Charlotte Soaps Esquire (I don’t use a lot of balms)
I have 6 shave soaps with chocolate as part of the scent + B&M LaVanille and they all go great with Noble Otter Monarch.
Citrus goes great with Wickhams Club Cola, but as more of a splash person Blackship Thomas Tew.
I have a lot of fougere's and don't know what I'll do when my B&M Fougere Classique runs out, but there are other good fougeres.