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If I like Tommy Bahama original, I will like...

Gucci Pour Homme I. Very, very similar, though a little more complex to my nose. I own and love both. I use TB for daytime wear and GPHI as an evening cologne.
you should try Tommy Bahamas set sail to st barts., Tequilla, Lime , youl feel you just arrived in Cabo !
From the basenotes website:
top: citrus Tequila ,Lime
Middle : Guava Nectar,Blue Agave Tequilla
bottom: Crushed greens, Salty SeaSpray, Vanilla, Palm wood, Volcanic Musk


Here's a citrus-aquatic that I can endorse. It is fresh and breezy, but it does not have tiresome or screechy synthetic notes.
The bottle is blue, the juice is clear.
It starts with some pretty good citrus notes, suggesting peel and juice. Good green notes, perhaps a combo of tequila and other greens, add a nice herbal touch. The scent is pleasing, certainly nothing here to offend anyone. I'm not a fan of aquatics at all, but I like this one. The dry-down has a salty-herbal-soft musk chord. Would be a good summer evening scent on a tropical beach somewhere, sipping Pina Coladas...
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