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If I can do a GD I can...

One of my recent acquisitions (see photo) s-l400 (1).jpgcame to me in good condition but not in the condition I wanted to keep it in... So I figured if I could mod a gold dollar I could do a resto on a $10.00 eBay Noleka so here it starts... The scales were warped celluloid that were the cause of some black staining and pitting So I decided to get em gone..I know they were old a priceless omg! What was I thinking!!? Well I am thinking it's mine and I will make it like I like it!!! Anyhow here's some pics of the progression.s-l400 (1).jpg IMG_20190803_070305.jpg IMG_20190803_070332.jpg IMG_20190803_070359.jpg IMG_20190803_095746.jpgsome before and during pix. Now some after polish pix.IMG_20190803_105227.jpgIMG_20190803_105247.jpgIMG_20190803_110831.jpgand a mock up of scales.


Sorry for the long post but... Here the scales getting stabilized in cactus juice stabilizer.IMG_20190803_114412.jpg IMG_20190803_114250.jpg IMG_20190803_121153.jpgthe stabilizer had some color l left in it from blood wood so it's going to give the leopard wood more depth and a deeper color. (I hope lol!!)