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If All Russian Blades Were To Stop Production

In no particular order: 7 O'Clock Black, Personna med preps, Bic Chrome Platinum, Croma Diamont

I have to admit though, I would feel like a lost puppy without my Russian blades!
For me there are at least 4 other countries with usable blades... Japan (Kai and Feather), Israel (Crystal), Egypt (Shark Super Chrome), and the U.S. (Personna lab blue).
Wilkies, med preps, feather. OTOH I shave with a straight most days, so the 20x5 of Astras I bought in December should last quite sometime.
I would be able to get by for another 6 or so years on my current stock of Russians, then I would have more time to enjoy my Gem SE blades :)
Although my favorites are Polsilver SI and Gillette silver blue's, ,,I would be happy with Gillette 7o'clock blacks ,, Silver Star Super Stainless and Super Max Blue Diamond Titanium. ..since those are blades that are also in my top Tier Selections...
Then I would have Feather Hi-Stainless, USA made Personna Blues, Lord Platinum Class, and German made Wilkinson Swords to shave with. Would still do fine. But I would miss the GSB's, the 7 o'clock yellows, the Polsilvers, the Astra SP's, the Voskhods, the Rapira Swedish Supersteels, and the Ladas Super Stainless. All excellent blades, I would prefer the Russian blades stick around.
Ignoring my ever growing stockpile of vintage US & England made blades, the easy choice for me would be my growing pile of Feather blades. I could unload all of my Russian blades today and not miss them.
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