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IDing a popular fragrance

Today, for the umpteenth time in the past few months, I caught a whiff of a men's fragrance that reminds me of a light pipe tobacco smell, something woody and maybe even, perhaps, incense-ey. It has to be something pretty mass-market, popular, and "trendy," given who I suspect or know was wearing it in most of the circumstances. I am certain it is a "cologne," not aftershave or any other product. It seems to be something enjoying a peak of popularity since around last year. I have no idea what it is, but I am curious. Can anyone help me out, here? Thank you.
Dior Sauvage ??? or there is Sauvage Elixir ( Completely different scent)
Thanks - I don't know anything about Sauvage Elixir, but what I came across was a decidedly aromatic pipe-tobacco type scent, nothing at all like regular Dior Sauvage, which (no offense) I find repulsive.

Honestly, and I'll let my cynicism about modern culture and tastes be on display here, I was honestly shocked to find something pleasant-smelling so evidently popular. Threw me into momentary confusion. I'm so weary of the harsh, repellent "department store" noxious, chemical dreck that passes for fine fragrances in recent years/decades.

P.S. Just did some research on Dior Elixir given Keith Weir's response... it just might, might be that. The guys sporting it lately very likely got it as Christmas gifts, if that helps.
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If you add a hint of booziness to the description, I would guess Body Kouros, Zino Davidoff, or Michael Kors in the mainstream department.

All of these have a distinct sweetness to them that you also didn't mention.
Dior Sauvage ??? or there is Sauvage Elixir ( Completely different scent)
You are amazing. I didn't even know such a thing as Sauvage Elixir even existed until you posted this. Upon researching that one online fairly deeply, I surmise that it's precisely the most likely candidate, given all the information I was able to provide. Took you all of a couple of minutes to figure it out.

This had been perplexing me for months; smelling it in the wild yet one more time today, I just had to know. Since trendy contemporary scents usually smell like garbage to me (ambroxan and what-have-you) and since this one is really pleasant and "classic" smelling, despite being clearly mass-market and currently fashionable, it was particularly striking.
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