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Identify this razor

I was hoping someone more knowledgeable than I could help me identify the razor in these pictures, extra points if you have an idea what it is worth:

Unfortunately that is all I got, apart from a picture of the writing on the case that says 'Gillette' and 'Made in England'.

Gillette Rocket HD or Aristocrat Junior

$60- $100 if it's a Rocket, maybe a bit more if it's an AJ.

No doubt someone with more of a clue than I will offer better information.

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Looks like a HD to me, but the case may not be original and yet a nice case. If it opens and closes nice and smooth, go for it. There was an uncased HD on the BST going for $35 (a very good deal) recently and I've paid $80 for a *nice* HD in the correct case. So somewhere in between.

Agreed, looks like it held something like this.

Tom D.

It looks very similar to this set:


Which is one of my Rocket HDS in a #77 case. :lol:

The case could be a number of razors though. My blade cases are closed without the cutout in them. That case was used for quite a few different models. ( Check out Achim's site www.mr-razor.com )

So it's not a matched set, the razor ( 50s ) is not as old as the case ( 30s/40s )

( Henrik the AJ wasn't a double ring )
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Ah OK Ian, not having held an AJ I only know about the flat blade bed. I do have a Rocket so first guess was alright.
Umm closest I've got for comparison at hand


#21,#16,#59,Rocket HD, Rocket, Parat

AJ looks like the Rocket but with a flat base.
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