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Identify this razor please..

Hi can someone tell me the model of this razor? Thanks in advance...

I have one that's very similar except the top band od knurling. Mine has a knotched center bar but no date code, 47 or 48? Mines also missint the link bar cover, does anyone know a source for them? I tried to remove the covers from a junker but of course they wouldn't come off.
Thanks for the reply everyone.

Heres a link to the ebay page:


It has a couple of more pictures there of the head.

This was a weird win for me...I set my snipping program a few days ago for $30...and totally forgot about it...and at work today I get a email from ebay saying I hadwon it...I thought it was a phishing scam until I actually logged into ebay and verified it.....$15 shipped....Not bad at all...what do these usually go for...sorry im a total noob..as you can tell...
I have one as well. in very good condition. One of these days I'm going to find the time to clean up the 20+ used razors I've collected recently.
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