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I'd like to propose...

A new shave descriptor: The Freakin Amazing Shave. To be known by its shorthand, the FnA. Why do I propose this? Because of my shave last night.

Had to be in the office today and it's about an hour and ten minutes one way. With my morning workout, shower and commute no way to get a shave in this morning so I decided it was to be last night. After a shower I used my Red Tip with a fresh Nacet and Black Ship Grooming Sacred Heart Soap and AS. I was already super tired and so wasn't overthinking anything last night in my prep, lather or shave. Just went slow and steady and it really felt like I was going through the motions. I was expecting a CCS to DFS simply because I wasn't being overly intense in my focus on the shave. When I finished shaving and did my cold water rinse I said loudly enough that LOTH from the living heard me, "Freakin Amazing!" My face felt like a marble baby's backside; smooth, firm and statuesque! When I applied the AS not a single hint of feedback or burn anywhere.

Then while getting ready this morning and putting on my normal face lotion there was still nary a whisker to be felt. Again, out came the "Freakin Amazing". I'm not sure what happened last night. All of the components are ones that I have used before albeit maybe not all together. Maybe it was the case of the sum being greater than the parts. Perhaps because I wasn't overthinking anything I was able to shave more intuitively by simply reacting to the visceral feedback through the razor and through my ears. Who knows? What I do know is, that for me on my scale, FnA is the new benchmark.
We already have something very close to that category. It's called the SOTD (Shave of the Day).

If we get too many acronyms or specialized classifications, that could cause its own unique problems. But I appreciate your thought behind the suggestion.
Agreed. There are already plenty, is there really a need for more?
But everyone knows what you really saying and I don’t want even implied vulgarity to becom the norm. Society is rapidly sinking into the cesspool and at least we can pretend civility exists somewhere, like here.
The freaking amazing shave to me, would be classified as a BBS. As long as your getting a BBS shave, with no nicks, weepers, capillary bleeding of the unwanted, or even ingrown hairs, you have achieved the freaking amazing shave.
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