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ID and opinions on this razor?

Hello, this is my first post here but I've known about and occasionally visited this forum for about a decade, which is about how long I've been wet shaving for. I'm no enthusiast, just a casual shaver who likes a good shave.

This is the only DE razor I've ever owned. I don't remember where I bought it, but it has served me well for years. I don't know the model name or anything, just that it's a Merkur. Do any of you know?

So for those of you who ARE enthusiasts, what are your opinions? Be totally honest. Is it a gem? Is it pure trash? Is it mediocre, decent, or pretty good? Like I said, it has served me well, but I have nothing to compare to. I was thinking of picking up another razor, possibly. If there is something I'm missing out on that's going to change the game, I may be willing to open my wallet. But if what I have is perfectly formidable, then maybe I won't. (I have other hobbies that compel me to throw money at!)


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Looks like a Merkur 23c to me. Could use some Dawn and a toothbrush, but other than that, good to go. Certainly a decent razor that will give you great shaves. Most of us would put it on the high side of mediocre. But this lot is a bunch of prima donnas that like sharp shiny things. This was one of my first razors and a great place to start. Not trash by any means. Welcome to the Forums by the way!
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Merkur 23C is a good razor but the handle is a bit long for me. Fortunately other handles screw right on there and provide a different feel to your shave.

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As people already pointed out, Merkur 23c.
Dovo makes the shavettes and straights, Merkur is their division/brand for DE razors.

The Merkur is a pretty mild and good razor.

But you know this forum already. One could shave an entire life with a Mühle R89 or Merkur 23c. I liked it a bit more efficient and went from R89 to R41 many years ago.

Thanks to Badger & Blade and Reddit I tried some other razors. Now I have a collection.

Nobody here, not even you, can tell our make an educated guess if there is an even more perfect razor for you out there. You would have to try and buy it join a passaround.

If you want to preserve your sanity and wallet, I would recommend not to. It's up to you. 😎


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Welcome to the forum from Australia. Merkur make great razors IMHO. I have several of them but I much prefer the 34C/G. Just an excellent razor for me.
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