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Ice Tea

So today, I made a qt of green ice tea.Anyone try other teas that make great ice teas..
I had green iced tea with ramen and a new neighborhood ramen place on Saturday. I loved it. I also like a glass of good Earl Gray iced tea. No sugar allowed!
Sassafras, Yerba Mate, Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger, Bigelow Orange & Spice, hibiscus flowers steeped.
Drinking yarrow/horehound/sassafras this morning.
Red Zinger iced tea is the best. Upton's sold a grapefruit tea that was also really good in the summer.
My home is very basic when it comes to making ice tea. Steep family sized bags from Lipton, Luzianne, or Tetley to make it by the gallon. No sugar added. Will occasionally use green tea or make a blend from loose teas, but that is usually because the normal stock has ran out.