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IanS Spiced Lime Soap

About 25 years ago when I was first learning to shave, my pop gave me a two blade razor, an old spice mug with a puck of Williams and an old brush of his. He told me not to bother with that canned crap and proceeded to teach me to build a nice lather with it and how to shave. Over time, I've shaved sans soap in the shower, dry shaved after and sometimes with the Williams. Well I just discovered the DE safety razor and broke out the Old spice mug and puck of Williams again. It still worked well for me, but through reading here, I decided I wanted to try a different soap. Couldn't justify spending $10 or more on soap, when the Williams did all I needed for a buck. I discovered the IanS soaps through reading here and decided that they were within the price range and would give them a try.

I ordered a couple pucks of the Spiced Lime and he threw in a sample. It came simply packaged in wax paper tied with hemp string and a hand written tag. Opened one up and crammed it in my Old Spice mug. I'm now two shaves in and have to say that I am impressed with his soap. It lathers nicely, has a nice scent that is not over powering, and provided me with two nice slick shaves. It left my face feeling nice and moisturized and I wanted to share my positive experience with you guys.


I've been thinking about ordering a puck of this, but was waiting for someone to post a review. Think I'll definitely get one now. I know, I know, it's only $7, just do it already!:001_rolle

Thanks, Dale. And I'm sure Ian thanks you, as well.:thumbup1:
I'm one shave into a puck of his Sweet Cedar. So far, I like it a lot. Down the road I may have to get some of his Spiced Lime. I like lime soaps...
wow, just got my 2 pucks of spiced lime, and damn, there is alot of scent to these bars. He also included a sample (i/3rd puck) of the sweet cedar...wow
My order showed up today. I bought the soft lavender, sweet cedar, and the spiced lime and Ian added a spice is nice as a bonus.
This my first dip into the tallow world. Looking forward to trying them out.

Thanks Ian.
used my spiced lime last night...amazing soap...I have so many soaps I dont know where to go from here

My opinion...BUY BUY BUY
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