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I want to upgrade from Merkur 34C


I have been using the 34C for over 26 years and have not found any upgrade yet...
Really? No modern razor on the market today could be an upgrade to the 34C? Wow, that's quite a revelation there! So it's all hype :302:... Jeez! I'm sure I'm not fully understanding what you mean.
My story might help:
My first DE Razor "love" was a Mk1 Fatip Piccolo, which was quite a step up in efficiency/aggressiveness from the TTO Timor that I started with. (I didn't know about its "aggressive" reputation, I just got it because I liked the look of it.) After a while I got DE RAD (which many of us suffer from). I've certainly enjoyed all my experiments.

Moving up the "aggressive" scale I found that many "mild" razors didn't work for me. I purchased a RazoRock GC84 head because I liked the simple look of it so much:

Initially I found that the GC84 wasn't "cutting it" at all. Then I remembered reading that good shavers could get a great shave with "any" razor. So I decided to "train" myself to get a great shave from the milder (to me) GC84. It worked! :biggrin:

Gillette Techs used to be the worst for me, or great for hopeless shaves. My new favorite, again after training (or should that be retraining) is a modern (P&G Chinese made) stainless steel Gillette Tech:

I put my success down to being an SWB. :wink2:
@Old Hippie, thanks for the long reply much appreciated.

@Cal, thanks for that, it makes sense. I get it now. Today I shaved with the Feather Popular. It's my first DE razor and haven't used it in a year. It's so much milder than the 34C. It's frustrating because it forces me to put pressure. I got a pretty DFS without much drama but I won't be using it again, ever. Though, I'm sure if I'd keep using I'd get easily used to it. 👍

I think I'll try the 37C next and then maybe the CG84/68OC once it's back in stock. To be honest I'd like to try them all.

Thanks all for the recommendations. This is a great site.
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First, the 34C is tough to beat if you like the mild/moderate razor range, which I do!

Second, you are looking at some fine options.

I would also consider an adjustable, either something vintage like a Slim or FatBoy, or one with multiple base-plate options.

The main thing IMO is to ENJOY the journey!! :a29:
I went from using a 34c to a Blackbird. Awesome upgrade in both looks and performance. Much more efficient with lots of blade feel and absolutely no irritation. Highly recommend.