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I want to try pipe smoking


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I love both my cobs. Can’t beat the price, smoke great, clench great, and I don’t have to sweat about replacing it when it breaks.

My first briar, I got a Morgan Bones stubby anse. Going to use it when I finish my 5 currently open blends. looking forward to it!

As for other pipes, Ive thrown in for this years B&B LE pipe.It was too cool to pass on. Never liked Rhodesian shapes, but that’s changed. So now I will have a morta.

Next up is a meerschaum. I’m working on getting an eagle claw/egg made with churchwarden stem from a guy in Turkey.

After that, I will probably want to start a 7 day set beginning with each pipe. That would mean 4 sets total. Wow what a rabbit hole... I must really be working towards 52 sets...
😯 you are on your way meerschaum are beautiful great smoking pipes. I do believe there will be one in my future as well.
Someone recommended one blend and one pipe to learn the basics on. While there is some conventional wisdom in this, I disagree. I'd suggest picking up 2 pipes, a straight cob and bent. And a few different tobaccos. The different tobaccos smoke, smell, and taste so different from each other that it's pretty easy to walk away from the hobby after a couple weeks of smoking CH from a straight pipe where I'd have found brown leaf bliss in Captain Black white out of a bent stem.

As a beginner myself, I'd recommend the bent and straight cobs with an ounce of English, VA based, and burly based. I found ribbon cut easiest to pack, which is another reason for multiple tobacco blends.

Once you found that you like, um, Virginias, then you can come back with a direction. That helps everyone! It's easy to answer directed questions. Hey, I like Escudo, but the price is killing me! What have you found Escudo-ish but can afford dinner this week too? Ask that and you'll be on page 2 by the end of the day. Ask "what tobacco would I like?", and you'll get the same pages sure. But it'll mostly be questions.

But like everything else on this site, be sure to takes this (and every other post ever posted) with the requisite grains of salt according to your particular milage.


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I tried Presbyterian again today and it was delicious. A complete 180 from my first experience. I had tried it once in the interim and it was just okay but now I’d rank it up there with my favourites.
Presbyterian is an excellent English and easily one of my favorites in the category.
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