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I want to give away my Omega brush. Brush has been PIFd. Thanks!

[FONT=&quot]I’m making room in my shave den again, so I would like to give away an Omega boar brush model 20107. I only used it twice but now it never gets used. [/FONT]

[FONT=&quot]It has a 26mm knot and a 62mm loft. Just post if you want it and I will pick someone. I will post when we have a winner. [/FONT]
[FONT=&quot]Here is a picture of it.

Thats a very nice thing to do.
I would be happy to give it a good home. My other ones are fairly cheap.

The best of the season to you & yours.

That would be a great brush to put in my brothers de care package that I'm putting together for him while he is on deployment. Regardless, thanks for PIFing :).
I'd be in. I'm thinking of putting together a DE kit for my brother that is in the Marine Corps. This would be a good addition.


Rest in Peace
Nice PIF and excellent brush, I'm not in because I already have an Omega. I commend your generosity, someone's going to get a great brush!
Not in, as I have benefited more than my share from the generosity of this great forum lately, but thanks.

Great brush and great PIF!


Loves a smelly brush
Not in, but anybody that hasn't tried boar yet really should. My Omega is brand new, and it's already the best performing brush I've used so far. Can't say if that will be the case when I finally make a really big brush purchase, but so far the everyday badgers I've tried don't hold a candle to it. Great PIF indeed.
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