I want to get balmed.

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    +1 on the CeraVe. Soothes and relaxes any post-shave tightness.
  1. If you like Haslinger, and you’re looking for Sandalwood, you should try the Haslinger Sandalwood AS Balm. Maggard’s has it for $12.50. I enjoy mine.
  2. I like its scent a lot too. I always like to have some around.
  3. Doc4

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    It's all YOUR FAULT!!!!!

    ... oh "bALmed". Oops.
  4. Pro Raso green.
  5. Yup! That’s one to try.
  6. Nope. Not all my fault at all.
    Nurse Ratchett wasn’t watching; that’s how I got out.
  7. Doc4

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    "Mr. Schnitzel52 ..."
    "Helloo ..."


    "Nivea balm zero point two ... fat, drunk, and sticky-faced is no way to go through life, son."


    Do what I did and find yourself a good sunscreen facial lotion, and get double-duty, soothing balm and solar protection.

    Avoid this:
  8. Nancy Boy balm is good (the best if you really tear yourself up)
    Duke Cannon balm is good (the best if you like menthol and want a longer lasting scent)
    Dr Carvers balm is good (no better than the Williams)
    Williams 5 in 1 balm is good (no better than the Dr. Carvers)
    Bevel balm is good (the scent is the one I like best and it's a little better than the Williams or the Dr. Carvers, maybe not quite as good as the Nancy Boy. My only strike against the Nancy Boy is it is mostly aloe so will leave you with the sticky face feel, whereas the others dry down more.)

    They all work well.
  9. Yes! Avoid this.
    I married into a family with skin cancers, solar sensitivity and skin problems. Take good care of yourself.!
  10. I’ve read good things about Nancy Boy.
    It’s on the list.
  11. I like the Blue. The Green Afta turns to a sour smell on my skin that I don't care for after about 30 minutes.
  12. Nancy Boy, signature after-shave balm.

  13. Yes. :)
  14. I’ll try it.
    It’s on the list.
  15. Yup, I love the stuff.
  16. Yup, me too.
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    Another strong recommendation for Nancy Boy ASB.
  18. Another recommendation for Stirling post shave balms and also Crown & Crane aftershave balm, it is Excellent!!
  19. I’ll 4th (5th?... 6th?) the PdP balm

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