I want to get balmed.

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    Captain’s Choice. The 45th Parallel is quite nice.
  2. I love Pre de Provence Balms. The 63 is out of this world
  3. Antica Barbieria Colla apricot hull aftershave. Its expensive but it'll last for awhile.
  4. Lea!
  5. I've used both before but usually do it in the reverse order. What order is best I don't know. Depends on how you look at it I guess.
  6. Agreed that this stuff is absolutely outstanding, but damn it's pricey.
  7. 444 balm mixed with your favorite aftershave!
  8. RealPretendPsychic

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    I still regularly use the Nivea balm, but Captain’s Choice and Proraso are also in my rotation.
  9. I get a slight reaction to Nivea too.

    I also recommend Speick and L'Occitane. My favorite is probably Rocky Mountain Barber, but I don't love the vanilla added to the sandalwood. I wish they had unscented or a light citrus scent. Pacific is good for short money.
  10. on the higher end - the 3 newer Proraso single blade balms have really fantastic scents - Wood & Spice, Cypress & Vetiver, and Azur Lime.

    on the cheaper end - I'm a big fan of Aqua Velva 5-in-1 balm, nice light clean fresh scent that i use alot in the winter. You can use another different smelling splash and/or cologne afterwards and it won't interfere with their scent.
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  11. I sometimes use a balm AFTER the alcohol splash.
  12. Yes, the PdP No.63 is a nice, less expensive alternative to the L’Occitane Cade.

    Also, someone mentioned the Aqua Velva 5-in-1. That’s a nice, cheap drug store option I had forgotten about. Good stuff.
  13. Chaucer

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    +1 on regular PdP. It’s similar to my all time favorite, Institut Karite, which is hard to find now.

    I haven’t tried the PdP 63 yet.
  14. I'm another fan of L'Occitane Cade...but Myrsol Emulsión remains my favorite shaving product on the planet.

    Somebody else mentioned Duke Cannon's, and that's also quite good.
  15. Don't laugh.


    $2.10 retail. You can get it anywhere. I skip the AS splash if I do a night shave. It does the job.
  16. Yes, it appears that way.
    Here's the plan.
    2020 will be a year with Haslingers shaving soaps and I'm going to explore balms.
    Captains Choice, Proraso, Stirling, and Speick have been on the radar or a while.
    Truefett & Hill, L' Occitane Cade, and DR. Harris Arlington are new additions to an expanding list of choices. I will have to find a nice Sandalwood scented balm for my wife. She loves sandalwood.
    I'm working down my soap inventory and am in the ring of death with Venture, Schaffmilch, and Bay Rum soaps.
    I will use Cella and Speick until year end and then start the Year With Haslingers.
    The forecast for 2020 is a balmy year with smooth shaving ahead.
  17. I have trusted your advice before.
    please tell me more about Cade and Arlington.

    Ed V.-Denver, CO
  18. Speick is a favorite (including the scent!). Also, I've used Stirling in the past (worked well), and have some on order at present.
  19. I remember Sterling was also advised, but did not dare. I will order it tomorrow, I need to try something new!
  20. Let me know how you like it.
    Its on the list to try

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