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I took the plunge, but have a question

I was very unhappy with my "goo" and multi blade shave. After doing a lot of reading, I shaved today with a Gillette "fatboy" set on 3 with a Wilkerson Blade. VERY NICE. I had tried Porter's Shaving Soap with no luck getting much lather while "practicing". My local pharmacy had some Williams, so I tried that, and got a much better lather (and shave) What concerns me is reading the ingredients of the Williams. Sounds just like the Propellent Goo ingredients. Also, how long are you supposed to whip up the lather in a mug? I have Aqua Velva Ice Blue as an after shave, but am looking for some Bay Rum. Thanks for all the advice on line!
Welcome to the forum. i would highly consider getting a good artisan soap such as Mike's Natural or Mystic Water if you are concerned about the ingredients in most commercial soaps. Cella is also a very good soap to try, but i prefer supporting local artisans. Load your brush with the soap for 45-60 seconds and you should be good to go. You can check out the wikis on lathering if need be, but experimenting is so much more fun.
Good luck.
Welcome to B&B. You may like the Bay Rum more because it doesn't have the alcohol (well most don't) that the Aqua Velva does. Plus, the witch hazel rocks when it comes to soothing your skin. I use a homemade version and love it.


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Welcome to B&B, Sir. Making a good lather that is effective for shaving may take some time and need some practice. Anyway do not worry, just follow the great tutorials here on B&B and you'll be perfectly fine. For any further advice, just ask. We are always more than happy to help.
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