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I tinkered with my car. Now I get great gas mileage.

Too bad the trade off is that you now only have the fuel compassity of 3/4 of a gallon! :a9:
But really if that's an accurate readout, that's awesome gas mileage for a regular vehicle!
It it actually horrible mileage!! The car isn't moving, it is going 0 mph. It probably drops down to 10 mph when moving.
I have had my 2003 F 250 diesel, crew cab, long bed, show 999 or 9999 while moving at highway speeds, Going down a long hill. Going up it may drop to 6 or 7. I try too drive conservative and get on average just a bit over 20mpg.
I've been getting around 200 mpg combined in my '96 Mercury Villager. Combined A/F, ATF, brake fluid, and power steering fluid.


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