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I Think I'm Confused.Help Me Understand

I've been using my ATT every day but alternating weeks with the R2 and M2 base plate. I have been using this set up for approximately 5 months. I prefer open combs and I like mid-aggressive razors. My lather is good and I only vary between two boar brushes to allow some extra dry time. Variables such as soap and post shave have remained the same. I do not alternate much with respect to soap and AS.

I have noticed that the stubble comes back a little quicker from the more aggressive R2 than when I use the M2. This seems counter-intuitive to me. Both take 3 passes and a little touch up due to mostly gray, wiry beard hair. The R2 results immediately after the shave feels closer than the M2...but the stubble is coming out quicker.

I get zero irritation with either of these head configurations and they both provide shaves that are comfortable during the shave.

I've been wet shaving my entire adult life (over 35 years) and DE shaving for over 10 years. This doesn't necessarily mean my technique is perfect. I don't strive for BBS each day as I shave 7 days per week but I do like for the shave to be close. I just can't seem to get my head around this issue.

So, a couple of questions:

1) In your experience is there a wider operating window with the R2 with respect to possible shaving angles than with the M2 due to the gap differential of the two? In other words, could the M2 have such a small window that one has to nail the angle or you aren't cutting hair?

2) Should one not expect to be able to get a closer shave (stubble appearing later in the day) with a more aggressive shaving head?

3) Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon?

Thanks for any insight you can provide
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