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I think I found it finally...

Or found them might be more accurate. A couple of daily smokers. Until recently I really never had a specific everyday smoke kinda blend. I just grabbed something different all the time. I still do a good bit haha. But lately I have grown to like two blends in particular for anytime smoking. You know, the blend that you can grab when you don't know what you want and still be fully satisfied. Something you could smoke back to back bowls and still enjoy it through the second bowl. Or even smoke it all day and never tire of the flavors.

Peter Stokabye luxury bullseye flake has long been a favorite of mine in the VaPer category that fits this description. More recenty I found a favorite in the burley category. Macbaren golden extra checks all the boxes. Relativly cheap, great burn characteristics, available in bulk, and quite tasty. It is very similar to the over the counter codger blends. But a little more flavor. It may be more similar to the stronger codger blends. There is plenty of nutty and earthy flavors from beginning to end. The cut is a ready rub. Easy to pack and burns great.

What are some of your daily smoke blends? Blends you could smoke all day and be satisfied.
I have so many blends I never smoke the same thing twice in a row, but if I had to choose, maybe HOTW or Old Joe Krantz.
Old joe krantz is nice. Haven't had any in a while. I like the spicy but kinda settled into haunted bookshop. Probably need to find more of both sometime lol


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Condor Long Cut is one I can always go for. However, for the next few years, I'll be taking a different approach.

I "stocked up" on tobaccos to age, but only one tin of each. So for the foreseeable future, I'll be exploring what I bought last year. Just one or two tins at a time. If a tobacco can't hold my attention from the start to finish of a tin, without me wanting to take a break from it and smoke something else instead, I know it's not for me. If that happens, it won't be bought again. Currently. the tobacco of the moment is Gawith Hoggarth R&M, and I've been very happy with it.
I like variety too much, so I'm going another direction. C&D Oriental Silk is my cup of coffee blend. Not even Carter Hall can touch that with a cup of coffee. Carter Hall and Sutliff Field and Stream Match is my I don't know what I feel like smoke. Mac Baren 7Seas Black or EGR for in the car with Mrs. Rookie. More and more, Five Bros for those times I want a cigarette.

There's still many others in the rotation. And any of the above are more suggestions (except for Oriental Silk) as I continue to find my cellar.
Arango Balkan Supreme is my everyday smoke. Burns cool tastes great and I have a ton of it. Keep a snack bag of it in the console of the truck. I have many other excellent blends, but ABS is like my claw hammer. Its handy and it always works.
MacBarren Navy Flakes
rattray hal o' the wynd

But when tin is empty, I need something else.

Last one is empty, first one I have always a pack open (100gr is a lot, so last a long time with my consumption rate) and the navy flakes, I always have a tin in my stash open or unopened.
My daily standards have been for the most part two or three OTCs. PA for the longest time, sometimes SWR, and sometimes Edgeworth (or its LLRR version nowadays). Presently it’s the last one.

I certainly have many other blends on hand, some in significant quantities. Plenty of fancy ones, and more humble ones, too. And I do smoke and enjoy them. But all are detours and frolics and benders and binges compared to those easygoing everyday standards.
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