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I started a test 4 nights ago

Since I have found the technique that has worked the best for me so far I thought I would do some informal tests with the razors and blades I have. First off is the Hoffritz slant. All shaves are using Tabac shave soap. My technique is shaving north to south then south to north.These 2 passes always leaves the sides of my face bbs. I then do a pass on just my jaw line and neck going from the outside of the neck towards the inside with some blade buffing. The neck area always seems to be my trouble spot. I used 4 different blades ,a feather, a crystal, a personna blue and an astra. The results of the first 4 nights surprised me. The crystal gave the closest and 2nd smoothest shave .The astra and the feather were about the same closeness with the feather being slightly harsher.The personna was by far the smoothest and I could feel virtually no burn with the after shave but wasn't as close as the others. Tomorrow I will start the same sequence using my Schone razor.
Glad that you are making progress!

The only other variable to consider is that your technique may still be changing. So, you might wish to repeat the sequence to see if your results/opinions change with increasing experience.
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