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I spy with my little eye...


There is something new... something that has been added... added to the store at Captain's Choice.

Who can be the first to spot the new addition? Is it hardware? Software? It is on this page right here.

~ The Captain


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New Cat'o'Nine formula! Contains a blend of all 9 developmental mixes of the VEG before they got it right!!

I kid!

The oh-so-intoxicating aroma found in traditional Italian barber shops - welcome to the world of Italia.

Breathe deep and experience the warmth of almond… yes, there it is and not for long which makes us want to chase it ever more. Grin as you recognize the scent you have been missing all this time. Ideal for those who desire all-day moisturizing and the pleasure of an aftershave with an appealing and fleeting personality. Finally the heritage of the Old World can be yours - saluto!

We are hoping to have it available in just a few days or so. The aftershave will be released first and in a couple of months the shaving soap, shave cream, and shave balm. The shaving soap we have been evaluating with varying levels of fragrance and let me tell you, it has a lovely scent. I have had others sniff it and it provokes an eye roll and grin every time. Then I ask for it back and this usually ensues:

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