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I spotted the Christmas spirit today

Have you seen it anywhere, do tell...

Here is what I saw just this morning. I was inside a Dunkin' and saw a guy pay for his coffee. He stepped to the side to wait for his order. Behind him was another customer who stepped up and ordered. As he went to pay for it the first guy stepped back and said, "I'm paying for your coffee." The other customer looked startled and said, "Why?" The first customer simply said, "Because it is Christmas."

What happened next only happens in the movies. This second guy steps to the side to wait for his order and an elderly lady steps up and places her order. The cashier rings it up and this second guy steps back and says, "I'm paying for your order." The elderly lady was pleasantly surprised and smiled at this stranger who was so considerate.

It had a small town Jimmy Stewart kind of feel to it, just amazing. It put a smile on my face to have seen it and is a memory I will have for quite some time.
My wife and I saw a homeless man evicted from the mall where we walk this past Tuesday. He was going through the trash looking for discarded food. We saw him eating a partial hamburger when mall security approached and asked him to leave. We left the mall at once and my wife asked me to locate him. After only a few seconds she spotted him, and told me to drive by him. When we got to this man, she had me stop, she got out and handed the man a $20 bill so he could get a decent meal at one of the eateries nearby, and wished him a merry Christmas. The look on his face was priceless when he thanked my wife. The Christmas spirit is about helping and being good to others. Helping this man made our day, and also reminded us how fortunate most of us are.
How many people did the PIF go through? I love stories where, like, 30 people at Starbucks all keep the chain going.
No way to know how long it kept going. Not too many inside as I left. Think about it - the only one who it really "cost" was the guy who started it. He paid for his and the next one. Thereafter everyone just paid once.

I did read once about that going on in a drive thru restaurant once. Word got out in the community and it was even resumed the next DAY.
Many years ago the wife and I went to dinner at village inn. Had a decent meal and went to pay for it and someone had already payed for our dinner. So we picked an elderly couple sitting at a booth nearby and paid for their dinner.
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