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I smashed my Fedora....

...and it came out just how I wanted it.

started with bull dog clips, some folds and rolling, then stood on it, then reclipped it tighter, creasingnthe folds more, then swuasehd the whole hat and held it between my arm and ribs for a while, then sat on it another while. I parked it with weight on it overnight. Today I took out the steam iron and worked the crease and roll and crushed spots more. Ditched the Stetson pin. It turned it from a suit only looking hat, to something I can work in the yard in.
The inspiration was from a film noir spot on Fedoras from TCM. This is similar to, but with some of my own touch, to actor Hayden‘sFedora spoken about at the tail end of the piece. Of course he wears his better.

FROM An $8 resale shop piece, seemingly unworn:



E16AAED9-A79D-4F06-91A7-05C61AB1A8A8.jpeg 3A1E43C1-C5B8-4B60-9B49-1D8A638725F9.jpeg




I'm calling the U.N.
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From "Winchester 73" in 1950 through to "Two Rode Together" in 1960, Jimmy Stewart wore the same hat ... not the same model, the same actual hat ... in all his cowboy movies. John Ford hated the hat when he directed him in Two Rode Together, but Jimmy insisted. In the next film they did together, "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance" ... Ford had Jimmy not wear a hat at all.

Great job! If you want further inspiration, check out the hats Spencer Tracy wore in the films he made with Katherine Hepburn. The guy sure knew how to punch out a fedora.