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I recruited someone to DE shaving!

When I was out with my sister last week, I was telling her about my conversion to DE shaving, and happened to have some DE blades in my car which I'd just bought from the shop whcih I showed her. I mentioned how much better and cheaper they are than Mach3 type cartridges.

Anyway I just had a text message from her this morning, apparently she found a shop locally selling Wilkinson DE razors, bought one (for her legs), and is very impressed with it - especially the price of the blades. Shes used it a couple of times and hasn't managed to cut herself yet. So she's thrown her ladies Gillette (Venus?) out now! :thumbup1: :lol:

I need to find out what it is exactly that shes bought, as I've never seen a DE razor in the shops around here - other than Trumper ones in a specialist Chemist.

I'm pretty sure she won't be coming on the forums, but at least it's another convert! :thumbup:

I'll try to convert my girfriend next. :blush: :thumbup1:
Boots sell an all plastic Wilkinson Sword DE razor...

Ahh, I'll pop in to Boots after work for a look - thanks.

At least if she sticks with it i'll have plenty of options for birthday/christmas presents. :smile:
Well done, Iwan. When I was on holiday a friend of mine who uses cheap disposable WS razors and canned goo said he was so terribly envious of my 'extremely manly' shaving tools, namely a Merkur HD open comb, a tub of proraso and a badger brush. For his birthday I'm getting him a DE razor and maybe some soap or cream. The convert count goes on. :aureola:
Heh, good stuff. :smile:

I've tried to convert my best mate who lives in Australia now. He's currently resisting so I'm probably going to buy him a Merkur HD, brush, Proraso/GFT shave cream and GFT Skin Food as a Christmas present. I know he'll try them if I do that, and if he tries them I'm confident he'll be hooked! :biggrin:
Same thing for me. Trying to convert my buddy in LA. Going to his house this weekend and brining some extra blades.
A friend at work wanted to try out wetshaving, so I went by his house
one morning before work and we had a shave together. On that day, he
used a '59 Fatboy adjustable , and a combo of Williams(my regular) and
Palmolive...I sometimes mix the two for a lather explosion.

Anyway, he spent the day faceturbating, so I left him the Palmolive,
Williams, and what I believe to be a TV Superspeed.

A few days later, he gave it a go, and ended up with what he said was
the worst case of bumps he ever had. When I questioned him about it,
it seemd to me he was going over his face with too many strokes with
no lather after the first pass. He was going for BBS all at once and just
kept hitting the same spot over and over without re-lathering. He also
hinted that he may have been using too much pressure and bad angle.

So after a trip to his brother(who is a barber) for repair, he healed up
after about a week. He loosely described what his brother had done but
had no details. Something about hot towels, a "special" cream, and more
towels. I want him to find out what was done and used so I can pass it
on, but whatever it was he felt better almost immediatly.

I felt bad about it, and took him the adjustable to try out on the next
time as he wanted another go at it. So far that was 3-4 weeks ago and
he's still gun-shy.....I suppose I will stop by another morning for a
shave party and see what he's doing.
Yeah....I forgot to mention the brush I left him was a Burma Shave bristle.
Well used and soft...I't my son's(7yr old) favorite. He thinks it's better than
my badger brush.

Whew....Now I'm not left with 13 posts......:tongue:
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