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I realized I've achieved contentment


"Just Call Me Billy"
That's the plan! :biggrin1: I'll leave the "Fear Of Missing Out" for other people. I've no interest in shopping out of fear ;)

I've never tried it, Dave. I have heeded the warnings, and stayed well clear 🤣 My narrow-ish array of choices includes:

  • Mitchell's Wool Fat
  • 4 mug soaps brands (Edwin Jagger, The Goodfellas Smile, Haslinger, DR Harris)
  • 2 tub soap brands (Wickhams 1912 & Phoenix and Beau)
  • 3 shave sticks brands (Palmolive, Lea, DR Harris)
  • 2 creams (St James of London Black Pepper and Lime, and Erasmic)
That sound like a lot, maybe, but I only have three in play at once, and only add another when one is finished.
How do you like the Wickham's 1912? It's always intrigued me!


I didnt know
How do you like the Wickham's 1912? It's always intrigued me!

Arguably my #1 soap. It can hang with SV all day and I prefer the scents from Wickham. If scent is the sole criteria while playing in the elite class, CRS is my top pick. I reach for CRS more than anything else. Phoenix & Beau is also up there with just slightly lesser performance but truly top shelf scents.

The best part is, you can get them all in one order from Connaught. :tongue_sm

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That’s awesome — a good place to be. Better not start poking around the DE and soap forums, though, or your AD might flare up. :em2300:
😉 That's great advice, Dan, especially as we head into the fall months. There are so many great seasonal scents that evoke the season; apple pies, pumpkin scents, even fallen leaves.

Yup. Don't go to the soap forum.



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Well, not to burst your bubble, @AZBronco but I was right there with ya. For about 5 years! I was on the 12 steps for five long years.

Then I ducked in here one day, "just for a quick one, just for old time's sake." Then I started conversing with @Marco, what harm could that do, it's Marco, for cryin out loud! A friendly message for @luvmysuper, "Oh, yeah, I remember him!" Liking a few posts here and there, having a few of mine liked in return. Hmmm, maybe this Sterling Sharp Dressed Man will scratch the itch I've have since the demise of QCS Green Irish Tweed. Hmmm, yanow, I love the Merkur 34C I've used daily for the last 5 years, but everyone is raving about the fat-handled tech, they're not that expensive. I know I've used only 7 O'Clock blacks for 5 years, but I better get a blade sampler for this new razor, they're cheap. Maybe I should get a vintage Schick Adjustable because that's what I learned to shave on. Wow! Maybe a 1930's Schick, they're cheap. Look, a seconds synthetic brush, may as well toss it in with my Sterling order!

Well, look at me now.


I think this is my purpose in life. Let me be a warning to you all.

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I've tried a lot of stuff, but I've pared things down quite a bit over the last few years. Just made a couple of purchases to reacquire some favorites (some were damaged, some were PIFed) and then I think I'm going to stick with them. I know what I like and what works for me, so it doesn't make much sense to stray from the path.
I haven't been on B&B much lately because life has been too busy for me (for good reasons!). Anyway, my shaving hobby took a back seat and I've been using up products rather than increasing my stash. This past week I realized I'm content with a few favorites!

I'm still happy with my collection--but it's nice to realize I lost all my ADs and am content no longer chasing the newest thing. It's liberating and I'm finally saving money using traditional shaving!

Congrats on life being busy in a good way for you! Even if shaving took a backseat to life *sigh*. Great to be content with what you have.

I recently moved. I packed up my boxes of shave stuff and left out 2 razors (Wolfman WR1 and Charcoal Lvl 2 OC), 2-3 brushes, 1-2 soaps, and a few post shaves (witchhazel, Nivea balm, Stirling SdM balm, and Lucky Tiger). I had cold sweats the first couple days with limited options but have actually really enjoyed it. Recently I opened a box with a few shave goodies, which I used last night and were great. I haven't unpacked much more (I've also been informed that unpacking shaving items is low priority compared to other household items). I hope to use some products up in the upcoming months and only pick things up that I have wanted for months (not minutes or hours 🤣)
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