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I purchased some new soaps


my brain goes "thonk"
I just purchased some new soap samples from shavedash as if I don't enough samples of soap to go through and I have the money to do so. Anyway..... here it goes. I got these because I like black tea. Ok...enough of that. Here's what I ordered and I was wondering if anyone has used these and what are you opinions and experience with these. Southern Witchcrafts's Carpathian, Zartgeful Men's Secret, Wholly Kaw Iced Tea, SV's Asylum Colonia.


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Bump! I know some folks have tried these, because I've read about them. Help a fellow out my friends!
I can't comment on the soaps you listed, but I also like the smell of black tea. I'm quite fond of Van Yulay's Black Tea and Amber in their tallow base.
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