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I picked this up at a good will what is it?

I bought this for 10 bucks. I don't know if I got taken or a deal. Its marked what looks like Qllan or maybe Allan Cut. C.O. Olean N.Y. Anyone seen this company before? Thanks for any help


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you're fine there. it's hard to tell from the pics but the toe area on the show side has a lot of scuffing on the edge. I can't tell how beat up it is.

I'm not familiar with the maker, but I'd put money on it being German made for US distribution through Allen Co or whomever it is. it was pretty common, and they all shave fine.

if you want to use it, you'll need to send it out to a honer that actually shaves to get back a shave ready blade that hasn't been ruined on a grinder by a knife guy.
I'd say, once it is cleaned up a little bit and polished it will make a nice daily shaving candidate. If sent to an experienced hone meister, any geometry issues at the toe should be a non issue.
I personally believe that this is an American made blade due to the presence of Union Cutlery in Olean, NY from 1910-1952. Their name was changed in 1952 to Ka-Bar Cutlery, which of course produced the famed Ka-Bar Knives for WW2. This razor may have been made for the Allan or what ever name was rubbed off your blade. OR this razor was made by a former artisan from Union Cutlery. This is all lost to history, but I hope this helps, even though it is all speculation.
I hope you decide to use it!
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