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I only use blades once

...Using it more than once feels wrong to me, I can't quite get over it...
Others' opinion does not matter or matters very little. I am just curious if the "one and out" principle applies to razor blades only or maybe you have other items that are of single use as well.
Cutlery? Toothbrushes? Towels? Socks? You get the idea.
I use Gillette Silver Blue exclusively. Ive found some of those blades l get no more than 3 or 4 shaves from, others 10 plus shaves. On average l would guess 7 shaves per blade.
Simplicity. Been 2 weeks + since my last shave. Comforting as no need to worry "does this blade have 5 shaves or 6? Well?" Loaded a new feather, worked just like the last one.


I shaved a fortune
I've been following this thread for its inception. I have mostly continued on the path I have found works for me. I did deviate a bit from that strategy based on this thread, I have tried to push a DE blade a bit longer than my standard 2 shaves. My shaves include lots of short strokes and usually three full passes with that method so a blade does see quite a bit of use for every shave.

I seem to get 2.5 shaves out of the DE blades I have... I don't like changing blades in the middle of a shave, esp. since most of mine have wax on them. The lather dries out on my face when I'm changing a blade for that second half of the final pass on shave number 3. It's annoying so I bin them after 2 shaves. If I'm missing out on that wonderful, better edge after several uses, well, I guess I'm going to take the collective "your" word for it. I haven't experienced that, personally. I believe many of you get a lot more great shaves out of a blade than I do.... Oh, well.
In 1950 $5 had the purchasing power of $62.07 today.

In the same year $7.99 would be about $99.19. $7.99 in 1950 → 2023 | Inflation Calculator - https://www.in2013dollars.com/us/inflation/1950?amount=7.99

the average US salary at the same time was $3,300. Income of Families and Persons in the United States: 1950 - https://www.census.gov/library/publications/1952/demo/p60-009.html

It probably works out about the same as cart prices now as a percentage of income, and if you use one a week.

They would probably have been just as depressed by 2023 DE blade prices given the average wage in say 1950!

Excuse my eccentricities on this, but I am fascinated by historical purchasing power and comparing income and commodity prices.

My history and political sciences degree interests still kicking in, after all these years!
Using this argument, wouldn’t the Derby’s be less than half a cent each back then? These modetn blades are a pretty good deal no matter how you look at it.
Technology is deflationary. The little phone in our pockets has more processing power than a supercomputer from the 80’s.

Technology touches all aspects of building products and so everything should be getting cheaper over time.
I'd recommend 3 uses on any blade. After that, it does start to go downhill but some folks feel they can get 10 or 20 shaves from a blade. Not me. I will go as far as 4 but that's enough for me. One time is just a waste. They are low cost but at least double your money and use them twice.

I’ll go more, just to see how a new razor responds with 7-10 shaves on a blade. 3 or 4 seems to be a sweet spot with the blades I’ve tried so far.

the only reason to test how many I can get, is if I’m traveling and didn’t bring enough blades. Although there, I could always buy a cartridge razor somewhere and shave, so it’s really more curiosity.
I start with 3 shave’s from any blade as reference. It all depends on what I’m using. If it’s ready good blade I’ll do 4 and replace. Also I bring a 6 months supply of blades when I’m at work. Still not trying to push blades until it hurts my face to shave.
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