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I needed an empty ink bottle as a make-shift inkwell ...


Stumpy in cold weather
... and I suppose I could have bought an empty bottle from the Goulet's for $0.95.

And then there I was today in a local stationary store buying envelopes and what do I see? A bottle of ink ... full bottle, mind you ... for a mere dollar. You might think that I'm paying five cents for the joy of dumping out a bottle of ink, but remember the exchange rate, and I always get dinged with customs on Goulet orders, so the full bottle is probably cheaper than the empty one.


So I bought it. I bought all three that were there, actually. What's an extra two bucks, anyhow? I'm not a real fan (yet?) of the Sheaffer peacock blue, but I'll live with it. Now, I just have to find a way to get rid of that annoying glass lip-thingy on the inside of the bottle near the top. I mean, what were they thinking?? No wonder Sheaffer changed their bottle design.
The glass lip thingy is to facilitate filling the pen. Tilt the bottle to fill that small reservoir, then place your pen nib it it to fill the pen. When the bottle gets low on ink, it'll save you from trying to tilt the bottle to get the ink into a corner and trying to one handed refill the pen at the same time.
Make sure the cap is on with tilting and filling the thingy.
Also, if the paper liner inside the cap is rotted, some people will cut out a piece of styrofoam plate and put in the lid to help seal the bottle when the lid is on.
I have to believe his tongue is firmly planted in his cheek.

And I will gladly pay for shipping for that Peacock Blue if you'd like to get rid of it!


Cheaper than ink
A lot of fans of Peacock blue were left high and dry when they quit making that turquoise juice.

Nice score.
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