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I need help on how should i trim my moustache.


Sheena is a Punk Rocker!
I'll try to experiment with wax making one day but not for now.So....i underestimated difficulty of mustache trimming hah 😅,i picked a wrong trimming technique from one video and first cut made it clear i'd have to cut them to 0 lol,i should've just make a straight cut (to kinda get almost like a brush stache)...but i'm not upset that much,knowing they'll grow back again.And i think i won't let them grow this long again,1-2 months (max 3 months)and i'll trim them to "dallas" style i think it's called (like ryan gosling had in other guys),i rocked them before this as my first stache and i found they suit my look nicely for my taste...
View attachment 1279633 But thanks a lot for advices and directions though,i appreciate it really much.
Boar bristle brush right,what kind do you have...i mean what's the softness of it,i assume there are maybe soft,medium and hard "texture/stifness"??
Yes it is boar. I use this one.


Moderator Emeritus
This is the one I use. Got the package deal. I really liked the wax but it was too yellow for my white hair.
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