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I need help! Close shaving razor?

I have the Merkur 20 and Supply 2.0 razor. The supply was fine but I ran out of blades fast and tried to purchase some Japanese ones that came recommended but none of them fit. I’m not against going back to the supply razors but I want something that is very aggressive and shaves very close. The Merkur 20 is too soft and requires multiple attempts. Anyone have suggestions? Hope it’s something I can get off Amazon. If the supply 2 is that great what’s the best blade for it? I had read my issue was because their stick blades were awful.
I do not have a supply but afaik it is an injector best is to search for that
Probably schick personna Kai feather
A Schick Injector- Chinese or Schick Proline Type B
Helps if your country of origin is known, then you could be be advised of a local source
The Merkur 20 is too soft and requires multiple attempts.
I am confused by your question. If you want a very close shave you will need to do multiple passes and 3 passes is the average. A single pass will not get you a close shave. I assume you are a daily shaver and the Merkur 20, similar to the Merkur 34 from what I can tell, is capable of giving you a very close shave.
I understand Schick or Personna injector blades work in the Supply 2.0 razor.
Tried using sharper blades on your Merkur 20C. I get great results all the time with sharp blades on my Merkur 34C/33C. My favorites are Nacets. But others work well too like Fearhers & Astra SS.
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