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I Need a Good Unscented, Soothing Splash.

As the aftershave harem has grown I find myself returning every so often to a splash or balm that I haven't used in a long time for one reason or another. Yesterday I pulled out the T&H Grafton Balm and remembered what I really liked about it - the scent and moisturizing properties...and what I hate about about it - the complete lack of ability to fight any razor burn.

Considering the cost, I really don't want to just let it sit there so I need to find a relatively cheap, unscented splash to put on first and then follow up with the T&H. The splash should be good at fighting razor burn and soothing the face (I got nothing against a good burn as long as it calms the skin down afterward). The only thing I have come up with thus far is a Thayer's, but I don't know if that really fits my current need or not.

Any suggestions?
I'll second the Thayers unscented...non alcohol with aloe vera. Very soothing and dries totally odorless.


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The Thayers unscented or lemon or just plain old witch hazel work well for me. I have some Booster Iced Lime . . . that has a scent that fades very quickly and is soothing. Aqua Velva . . . the scent lasts a bit but gosh it feels wonderful and I do like the scent.
Thayers Medicated Super Hazel will calm your razor burn. It has a very strong peppermint blast that fades quickly. Very very cooling. Also the Thayer's After Shave is good.
Weleda After Shave Lotion

It's not unscented, in fact it has a fairly funky frankincense/myrrh thing going, but the scent burns off in under 60 seconds.

Plus, I've never seen anything that kills razor burn like this stuff. Not Aqua Velva OR Prosraso...
50/50 mix of Ethanol and tap water. If you're looking for something unscented, that's as cheap and bland as you can get. :biggrin:
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