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I must be doing it wrong


Ask me about shaving naked!
If I hit the exact right angle and speed with a very sharp edge and a very light touch I sometimes get into this state, where the razor glides weightless over my skin cutting every hair cleanly and making this noise like a closing zipper or a tearing piece of cloth, but this is unfortunately still an exception. I hope with more practice I will be able to achieve this perfect stroke every time.

Or buttering crisp toast, yum!

You’ll get there every time, it just takes practice.
You will know you're shaving properly when the razor cuts effortlessly. You should feel a soft fuzzy prickling sound, and you'll hear a rasping noise as you go.

It's the sound (and sensation) of dozens of hairs being cut at once.

That's how you know you're shaving properly with a sharp blade.


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Another thing regarding razor pressure.
There’s an idea floating around of using zero pressure when straight razor shaving.
I’ve always found a certain amount of light pressure is needed to make sure the razor bites to the hair and clears the stubble.
It’s just one of those “seek and you shall find” kind of things. You have to keep the blade on your face edge touching the skin but if you press the skin you are changing the effective angle of the blade. Keeping your skin well stretched is a very good practice as well.
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