I might be in trouble. MMOC fault.

Discussion in 'Single Edged Razors' started by albsat, Feb 21, 2019.

    Well, I was able thanks to a friend to buy a MMOC razor from US . And I shaved with it for the first time.

    Well totally surprised in good and bad. The good thing is that this razor is fantastic going Wtg. It was as good as 2 passes with my Fatip razor.

    The bad thing is that I need to be very careful with the second pass as this razor doesn't forgive at all. I needed to calm my skin after I finished the shave.

    My dilema? What shall I do with my DE razors and blade or even my shavettes if I learn to use this razor correctly?

    Conclusion. This MMOC is a powerful razor that demands technique and patience. It might the only razor needed.
  1. The MMOC prepared me to use a Feather SS shavette. The GEM method is very different so, if you didn't review the GEM instructions, I can see why you had those results.

    Try using the MMOC as you do your shavette.

    GEM instructions1.jpg
  2. Esox

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    It is and it does. Indeed.

    I've been consistently using my MMOC since last April. Once you have a dozen or so shaves with it you'll understand how to use it much better. Like @rabidus said, it only gets better.

    As the PTFE blades wear, they become a lot tamer. A fresh blade is still a bit too much for me, but by shave 3 or 4 I'm lovin' it. When you want a break, go back to your Fatip. You'll find it much easier than it was before.

    A picture of the instructions for the GEM ClogPruf. The MMOC's brother.

    Gem Micromatic Clog Pruf SE Razor_intructions2_1.jpg
  3. You have to ride the cap. If your'e having issues then your technique isn't as good as you thought.
  4. Thank you guys. Honestly as the first shave with a fresh gem blade I am really satisfied. Of course I need to improve my technique.

    The trouble I meant is that I might not need my current razor and blade collection if I learn to use this MMOC razor as it requires.
  5. I'm just happy you found one. If I remember, you've been looking for sometime.
  6. If my MMOC with PTFE blades was my only option, I could be perfectly content.
  7. I also like carbon blades more than stainless blades...Try them. I find they shave smoother. Just dry them after...light a straight razor. No big deal.
    My favorite are treet.
  8. Today I just shaved Wtg. The shave was smooth and skin was calm. I think I will go Wtg for a week till I understand the aggressiveness of this powerful razor.
  9. I have used the MMOC in two passes. My shaves are quality shaves now. I am already in DE quality area. I just need to be very disciplined in the technique on the second pass and on the touch ups . This razor feels like a shavette. Very aggressive in my opinion, but it pays its dividends when used as required.
  10. I am continuing my personal feedback.

    Well it is a fantastic razor. Today I used it although I could remain without a shave. Flat position, light touch. Nice.

    However the blade seems not that sharp after 5 shaves. The first shave was more sharp than I needed. The best was among the 3-4 shave. I hope I get 7 shaves out of the blade, cause otherwise it is not that cost effective compared to the DE Razor system. Twice expensive.

    I am thinking to get the MMCP (based on the feedback here ) to complement this razor but not this soon. First I need to learn MMOC first and use it more. Which I will.
  11. Good to hear its working out for ya.

    Im struggling quite a bit more than you. Got any tips for using the MMOC on the chin? My chin has a lot of contours and finding it extremely difficult to maintain angle with the MMOC.
  12. Can you try to hover the razor as you shave the contours w/o the blade to practice. Or try just laying the razor on the skin and move along the contours. If you try this and feel good about it, load the razor. Make several passes with the razor rather than trying to get all the stubble on one pass.

    Slick, well hydrated lather makes round contours easier to shave. Hope this works.

    Once your muscle memory kicks in, the razor does all the work. Muscle memory builds by going slow over time. It is a coordination between the mind and muscle. See the razor doing what you want it to do.
  13. Hmmm.. I attack the chin from the ear sides to the center. Don't give up ! It is not meant to learn it in a couple of shaves. I think 30 shaves are the minimum.
  14. We should all get away from thinking shave count is going to result in anything. In the case of GEM razors, the company provided the instructions for using their razor design. Following their instructions slowly will build muscle memory.
  15. Esox

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    I change my shave angle as the blade wears from very shallow to very steep. Shaves 1-3 are done with considerable pressure against the very back of the cap where the three red lines are.


    I use enough pressure at the back of the cap that when pushed into my skin, the skin in front of the blade rises to meet the edge.

    Shaves 4 and 5 are done with the center flat of the cap against my skin with slightly less pressure. The slightly steeper angle doesnt need as much pressure on the razor to make my skin rise to meet the edge.

    Shaves 6-8 are done on the front flat of the cap with less pressure again, because less pressure is needed to make the blade engage.


    Shaves 9-12 are done slightly steeper gradually increasing pressure. I increase the pressure with a steeper shave angle so that I maintain the depth of cut for the same duration of BBS finish.

    Shaves 1-8 all have roughly the same amount of pressure of blade edge to skin, which is honestly very little. The pressure applied isnt applied to the blade, its applied to the cap. The shave angle and pressure required to make the blade engage is what changes. Only at shave 9 and above am I increasing pressure of blade edge to skin directly.

    I've used one blade to 13 shaves but I did have a single ingrown hair from shave 13. I think I was just shaving too quickly and could quite likely get 15 or more shaves from a single blade, but by shave 12 I'm shaving as steeply as possible so I can feel the most blade possible with enough pressure to easily see the razor indenting into my skin with my skin as tight as I can make it.

    With your skin very tight, you can use a surprising amount of pressure in a wider area of your shave like your cheeks and neck. When you get to the corners of your chin or jawline however, you really need to back off the pressure.

    Using a lot of pressure can work really well when the entire width of the blade is being used, but around the corners of your chin or along your jawline, only 1/2 or even 1/4 the width of the blade is being used. Applying the same amount of pressure when only 1/4 of the blade width is being used, sort of translates to 4x's the pressure applied to the area being shaved. Its a very fine balancing act but once you get use to it, it will become second nature.

    Shaving my upper lip, even with a fresh blade, N>S WTG is done with the edge almost 90° to my skin with such light pressure it might be imaginary. As the blade wears, the pressure is increased. I stretch my lip as much as possible.

    Shaving the face of my chin N>S WTG is much the same. A very steep angle with very light pressure. The corners of my chin, with a fresh blade, first pass N-S WTG are gone over quickly with little thought. My second pass ATG is done buffing lightly with a shallow angle.
  16. Esox

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    I should add that before I shave the face of my chin N>S, I make a quick pass L>R XTG just under my bottom lip. Basically shaving a narrow strip about a 1/4" along the line of my bottom lip just using the corner of the razor.

    That makes it much easier to shave straight downwards from there.
  17. @Esox

    Great insight. This MMOC is becoming my main razor.

    I am carried away by this new SE experience. I might trade some my item gears and choose a MMCP to complete the SE razor settings. Sort of Grande + Gentile. It is a bit of shame that shipping is more expensive than the razor itself.
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    I've not used a ClogPruf but I understand some are the equal to the MMOC. Being the same basic design I'm not surprised. @rabidus can explain that better than I can.

    If you want something a bit more forgiving, look for a Bullet Tip. Mine is equally efficient to my Grande, as smooth and even more gentle on my skin.

    I've been thinking about using mine with a fresh PTFE blade for shaves 1-4, then switching the blade to my MMOC for shaves 5 and up. Those two razors compliment each other so well they should have been sold in sets.

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