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I may have found “the One”

On Friday the 17th, I celebrated a birthday of sorts. Not belly button, but a personal change that I can’t say I’m proud of, yet am particularly grateful for. I do allow myself to purchase some token of recognition. This year, that token was a new razor kit….

It was a little bit based on “specifications” (can’t ignore that I’m a scientist Mon-Fri), but probably more so on some artistic consideration and intuition that accompanies a little of the zen of shaving I’ve embraced. The selection:
1. Head: Timeless SS, 0.68, open comb, scalloped cap, 39.75 gm
2. Handle: Elite wildlife collection, pheasant feather at 110 mm, 51 gm
3. Brush: Elite Desert Ironwood handle with one of Bob’s 24 mm, high mountain white knots


I just finished taking it for a spin and it was better than I ever imagined. I had a sample of A&E Monte Carlo, which was a little thirsty in my exceedingly hard water. But man! I’m kind of speechless…It was like like it just glided effortlessly and intuitively around my face - with this wonderfully gentle purring of stubble being
caressed away. My plan several months ago was to develop a rotation of 5 or 6 kits depending on my mood, but now….I just don’t know…..
I always love hearing stories from folks who have found "The One" & I hope that you continue to get many great shaves from your new custom razor setup!

It was like like it just glided effortlessly and intuitively around my face

This statement right here, reflects how I felt, when I first shaved with my new Henson AL13 Medium razor, using a Wizamet blade. I know what that feels like, and its a wonderful feeling aint it? Congrats!!! :thumbup:
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